Folded fitness equipmentFolded fitness equipmentFolded fitness equipmentFolded fitness equipmentFolded fitness equipment

Folded fitness equipment

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How About Using WalkingPad in the Office?

Some Important Technical Specifications:

?Walking has proven to be a factor in our heart health and general fitness. It doesn't take that much. In fact, 30 minutes a day is enough to show results.?Over time, regular walking can significantly improve your physical and mental health.

?WalkingPad's unique product design revolutionizes the traditional steel frame structure to create a fresh and brand new look, allowing WalkingPad to blend seamlessly into your home¡¯s d¨¦cor.

The LED display is embedded behind the low transmittance ABS panel¡¯s surface. The panel looks completely bare when WalkingPad is turned off and has a crystal clear glow when WalkingPad is turned on.

?WalkingPad¡¯s frame structure is composed of aluminum alloy to maximize its integrity, capacity and endurance. Aluminum alloy is incredibly strong but also lightweight. Our choice of material allows WalkingPad to be easy to move and store.

?WalkingPad¡¯s low profile raises it only 57mm / 2.24 inches off the ground. This minimizes the step-up height and by extension, mitigates the risk of falling off of the walking surface. The compact design and minimal floor clearance makes for a quieter experience.

Our patented ¡°double fold¡± technology cuts WalkingPad¡¯s required storage space in half. You can easily pull WalkingPad out for a quick walk and then, just as easily, fold it up and hide it away.?

Watch WalkingPad Fold & Roll with Ease!

Unfolding WalkingPad is quick and easy
Unfolding WalkingPad is quick and easy

?There are two transportation wheels conveniently located underneath WalkingPad. These wheels, combined with WalkingPad¡¯s lightweight body, make it extremely easy to move WalkingPad around. The orange accents add subtle flair to WalkingPad¡¯s minimalist design.

?WalkingPad is so compact that it can be stored in nearly any corner of your home. Storing WalkingPad never becomes a burden the way that bulkier exercise equipment can be.

See automatic mode in motion
See automatic mode in motion

WalkingPad has two exercise modes - M, manual mode, and A, automatic mode. When you start out, you can use the remote control to operate WalkingPad in manual mode. Once you're more comfortable with WalkingPad, you can control the speed through our patented Adaptive Speed Control system. In this mode, you walk at your own desired pace and WalkingPad can adapt its speed to suit you. (Walk more toward the top of the belt to speed up and walk more toward the bottom to slow down)

Reviews (4)

by Hybelkaninen

March 01, 2018 Excellent space saver treadmill. I don't use it for under my desk I have a small apartment in New York. It's full power like a regular size treadmill with a sleek look & quietnessto it. Don't hesitate to get it. Everyone else on the internet on is selling them for $600 and up. This is a great purchase!

by BlueRobot

March 05, 2018 Really like this walking pad. I wasn't sure without the rails, but as long as you look down, you can stay steady. You could also place in front of a desk or table for a gripping surface. Very quiet and convenient. Easy to store and use. Excellent for the price!

by LegoTsar

March 18, 2018 Just received this item a few days ago. Fast delivery! Absolutely satisfied. We are using it as a regular treadmill, it has the same power as one & walking pad is a nice size. Love that it stands up for storage is not too heavy to roll around & runs quietly with its own remote to control the speed. I've been shopping around for months for this & the price is Great! Highly recommend this item!